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CNC laser marking

1, Introduction:

CNC laser marking is the automatic space size automatic positioning of special equipment in the tire building process. The device uses a mobile laser beacon instead of multiple sets of fixed semiconductor laser marking.
The application of this product PLC program, can be pre-set parameters of the multiple sets of product specifications, and automatically call when in use; provide accurate positioning reference for the tire building process, be marked again after the replacement of the tire parameters to improve the accuracy and efficiency, so that the overall operation faster and more reasonable and perfect.

2, the technical indicators:

Transmission parts
Two mobile marking moving range: 500mm-1600mm (other specifications can be customized)
The minimum distance between two mobile marking: 100mm
The beacon movement speed: 8m/min
Repeat positioning accuracy: ± 0.5 mm (≥ 10 times the number of repetitions)
Marking lights on both sides synchronization in symmetrical operation, the symmetry error of less than 0.5mm

Laser marking section
Laser wavelength: 650nm
Laser power: 5mw
Laser line: 0.5m (1m height)
Laser long-term is not straight: ≤ 1mm
Laser line width: ≤ 1mm

Interface part
Molding machine main PLC output with 8421 yards, DP, various forms of bus interface.