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Auto Electric automated production line design

My company with design, processing, systems integration, and many other technical advantages, after years of non-standard product design, manufacturing, has extensive experience in the non-standard design, the design is reasonable, comprehensive and process requirements to the program stereotypes, drawings design, programming, configuration of the host computer, on-site commissioning, and so can do handy.
The company has a number of senior electrical engineer, software design engineer, SCM application engineers and mechanical design engineers, for the industry to provide various types of product planning, design and service packages.
, Automotive electronics design automated production lines, including: oxygen sensor assembly line, production and testing of the knock sensor lines.

1, the oxygen sensor assembly line: press-fit harness assembly and testing, laser marking, performance testing, functional testing station.

2, knock sensor production test line: the duplex assembly station, tighten / off testing, functional testing, etc.

3, other production lines:
ignition coil production line
Throttle body production and testing equipment
the oil rail line nozzle production assembly line
pump vibration test bench and pumps traceability system