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Three drum single stage tire building machine

Three drum single stage tire building machine feeding by the host, the carcass frame, the belt layer feed rack tread feeding frame, crowned strips for rack and electric control system.

1, host: host, including the base, the two main chassis, two spindle, the three drum (carcass molding shares, stereotypes shares, the belt layer to fit drums) and two with slide transfer ring.
Carcass feed rack: the carcass feeding rack by lining layer feed rack, tire side feeding rack and two carcass ply feed rack.
3, the belt layer feed frame: The feed frame, including the upper and lower feed frame, a belt layer laminated on the way.
4, the tread feeding rack: tread after opening by the common motor guide, using mechanical centering means fixed in order to improve the fixed-length accuracy, the use of a servo motor as a fixed-length drive automatically, cutter using ultrasonic cutter .
5 crown the fetal strips for rack: crowned bar guide to open by a common motor control, cloth storage, flip import a wound head wound pomade cylinder drive along the belt layer fitting drum radial crown tire strips sent to the belt layer bonded drum, by the winding head of the press roll nip.
6, the performance parameters
(1) empty load detection tolerance
The belt layer bonded drums radial eccentricity <0.3 mm
The belt layer bonded drum transverse eccentricity <0.2 mm
The carcass drum radial eccentricity <0.3 mm
The carcass drum Transverse eccentricity of <0.25 mm
Shaft deflection <0.3 mm / m
The shaft ends Radial eccentricity <0.03 mm
Passing the concentricity of the ring relative to the forming drum <0.3 mm
Transfer ring with respect to the vertical degree of the drum <0.3 mm
Transfer ring relative to the forming drum detent <0.05 mm
Bead positioning device and carcass drum concentricity of <0.2 mm
The positioning ring carcass drum verticality bead <0.2 mm
The bead bead positioning device inside distance <0.05 mm
After the shutdown of the building drum rotation angle <0.5 °
The carcass drum inner shoulder Adjustment repeatability of <0.1 mm
(2) load detection tolerance
The buffer layer in the belt layer posts together drum centering <0.5 mm
Zero belt layer <0.5 mm
Buffer layer stitching precision <0 ~ 0.1 mm
The tire crown centering <0.5 mm
The fixed center of the tread <0.1 mm
The centering of the pre-molding machine in the inner liner layer on the carcass drum <0.5 mm
The ply carcass drum the centering <0.5 mm
Pre-assembly of the inner liner stitching accuracy of <± 1.5 mm
The stitching accuracy ply <+1 mm ~ +4.5 mm
The carcass drum on tolerances between the outside of the bead positioning device <0.2 mm
The carcass drum anti packages accuracy <0.5 mm
The material parts Wrapped shrinkage <0.5%
(3) control accuracy
The carcass Cutting accuracy ± 1mm
PA Cutting accuracy ± 1.5mm
Belt layer Cutting accuracy ± 1mm
The tread Cutting accuracy ± 2mm