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The vulcanizing machine network group control system

Vulcanizing machine (LP) is one of the main equipment of vulcanized rubber industry, the majority of our rubber plant still pin logger the vulcanization process data recording, the recorded data is not comprehensive and do not keep well. During the vulcanization process due to the action of elements of each embodiment is not monitored, with some components due to abnormal operation and lead to energy waste, low production efficiency, high cost, quality can not be guaranteed.

According to the technological requirements of the vulcanizing machine (cans), the use of computer control, the control system should have the following features:
Vulcanizing machine (cans) began to tire shaping curing after the mechanical action of the whole process of self-loading mode automatic control.
2, the external temperature, external pressure can be implemented automatically detect and automatically adjusted to ensure that the curing temperature, the pressure is stable in a predetermined range within.
3, the control system should have a real-time data acquisition, display, print, alarm and calculation functions.
4, the control system should be stable operation, high reliability. In industrial environments for long-term stability of continuous normal.
5, all data is stored for a long three years.
System software features:
1, vulcanizing machine (cans) critical data, such as external pressure, internal pressure, inside temperature, outside temperature and other data curve can be printed out by the printer, the part of the data can also be saved CD burner entry to more convenient View and Print.
2, can find and print vulcanized vulcanizing machine (cans) or fetal No. vulcanized state.
Secondary water pressure in the curing process, the high-pressure water pressure, outside temperature, return water temperature in real-time alarm and records, the formation of the alarm recording format and stored for a long time.
Automatically cumulative production of each of the specifications of each class grouping, daily packet of production, the monthly output of each specification, the annual production.
5 class after the end of the work, the working data can be automatically stored, before the start of the next one, you must confirm shift computer operator, and then automatically transferred to the new identified work shift. Otherwise, it is still stuck in the previous shift.
6, the completion of the of sulfide production process process management statements print display.
7, according to production staff by shift, by date, by number, press machine, query statistics, query yield, the passing rate of capsule use times.
8, the system has remote management capabilities, remote query production and print production report. The process conditions are modified according to permissions, password to modify the process parameters.