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  • Mixer electrical control system Mixer electrical control system
    Products:The combination of the mixer development and production of electrical control system, through the introduction of technology and independent research and development with the international advanced level of leading technology. Can of supporting 80,110,160,255,270,370,400,620 all series and models of mixer. Mixing contr...
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  • Molding machine electrical control system Molding machine electrical control system
    Products:Tire building machine electrical control system is a typical motion control, servo control system play a crucial role in the automation control. In the tire building process, motion control several key technology to achieve: 1 Manual mode: in constant torque the operator manual mode of operation corresponding. (Manua...
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  • CNC laser marking CNC laser marking
    Products:1, Introduction: CNC laser marking is the automatic space size automatic positioning of special equipment in the tire building process. The device uses a mobile laser beacon instead of multiple sets of fixed semiconductor laser marking. The application of this product PLC program, can be pre-set parameters of the m...
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