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EU labeling law will soon be implemented, Chinese tire put to the test!
Posted by: admin Time: 2012-11-30 Views: 1638

It is reported that, with effect from November 1, 2012, the EU green tire label bill will officially perform. The regulations, passenger car tires, light truck tires, truck tires, bus tires sold in the EU must labeling, marking the tire fuel efficiency, rolling noise and wet grip level on the road. The goal is to a 20% reduction in energy consumption in Europe in 2020. Implementation of tire labeling system, the core is the promotion of green tires, but also the world trend and direction of the development of the tire industry.
The current annual production of tires in China, accounting for about 1/4 of the world tire production, China has become the world's largest tire manufacturing, exporting and consuming countries. 2002-2012, Chinese tire production to maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 15% of the export volume to maintain an average annual growth rate of over 40%.
Investment Advisor in Senior Fellow Li Yuheng In an interview with Sankei Shimbun "reporter, said that the EU has become China's export tire market, the launch of the green tire labeling law dealt a heavy blow to China's tire industry. The provisions of the EU the green tire label law, China's exports to the EU tire nearly 5 percent of non-compliance, market barriers erected by the labeling law is a serious impediment to the export of domestic tire companies.
According to the Shanghai Tire & Rubber (Group) Co., Ltd. tires Institute survey of the national truck tire analysis showed that about 30% of the truck tire up to the minimum requirements of 70% less than the EU first phase of rolling resistance reach EU The two stages of the rolling resistance of the minimum requirements. It is understood that the tire label tire manufacturing process, especially in high-performance rubber production high.
"At present, the large number of tire companies in China, but generally small scale, lack of R & D capabilities, the technical level is not high, low production and product quality at the same time, the low barriers to entry and intense competition in the low end of the tire low corporate profits mainly through to expand sales and improve their performance. "Li Yuheng said the bill's implementation of the EU green tire label will be on China's tire exports to the EU caused a great impact.
Insiders said that the implementation of the EU tire labeling law in Forced Chinese tire industry reshuffle. However, a result of the industry reshuffle is to lead the departure of backward production capacity.
"But the crisis is also opportunity, the implementation of the law of the EU tire label deal a severe blow to China's tire industry, while also sounded the alarm bells of the product quality." Li Yuheng said that the implementation of the EU tire labeling law will also promote China's tire industry enhance the technical strength and the gradual elimination of backward production capacity, speed up the adjustment of industrial structure, improve product quality, and barriers to trade deal with the European Union to produce a high-quality tires.
Insiders also pointed out that the domestic tire industry reshuffle allows away from the bottom line of the countries to start trade barriers, the release of a huge domestic market space, and also more conducive to the growth of the local brand tire. Therefore, the new regulations of the European Union, the advice given by the domestic inspection and quarantine departments: enterprises should actively respond to improve product performance; same time to speed up the development of emerging markets abroad, the implementation of the strategy of "diversification".